About Us

The Charge Cords team is a group of friends that love their iPhones but have grown tired of Apple's charging cable and its lack of innovation. We were sick of the cable getting tangled up. We were sick of constantly losing it amongst friends. We were sick of having different cables for different iDevices. We formed Charge Cords to come up with a product that fixed all of these things and finally matched the aesthetic appeal of Apple's products.
We searched for a manufacturer that could meet our needs and now want to share it with the masses. Our cables charge faster, never get tangled, look better than the original, and cost less! They stand out amongst your friends and roommates so you'll never have to worry about yours going missing. We've done our part to make sure that compatibility is no longer a concern. You can now use one charging cable for your iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, and iPods.
We hope you enjoy your Charge Cord as much as we enjoy ours!
- The Charge Cords Team
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